After a Divorce or
Relationship Breakup
Divorce or relationship breakup feels like your heart is broken in tow
Your relationship ended over a year ago. You’ve been holding onto past hurts and resentments that are keeping you stuck. Are you ready and willing to truly move on?
After the Death
of a Loved One
A death of a loved one feels like a part of you has died with them
That raw first year of grief is over, yet things are not getting easier. The pain may have lessened, but life seems difficult. Are you ready to honor your loss while stepping forward into your next chapter?
After a Life Changing Illness
A life changing illness can cause us to feel emotionally compromised
It’s after the first year and you're still struggling with the changes illness has caused in your life. Are ready to redefine yourself as a whole person again?
After a Traumatic
Life Experience
A traumatic event that uproots everything
It feels like your trauma has a hold on your self-worth and ability to thrive, even after a few years. Are you determined to break out of your past and live fully in your present and future?
After Other
Significant Losses
Losses come in many forms such as a loss of a dream, hope, home, identity or self worth
Your loss occurred over a year ago yet you remain stuck in parts of your old life. You feel misunderstood because others don’t see your experience as a loss. Are you ready to become empowered and recreate your life?

Sharon and Pat of Afterwards support people in South Jersey and Philadelphia going through divorce, grief, illness and trauma

We are thankful that you found your way to Afterwards. We are Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld and Pat Obst, two specialists in the field of grief and loss. We are a Licensed Clinical Therapist and a Certified Professional Life Coach with a whole lot of QBE too. That’s – Qualified By Experience.

We have experienced our own devastating losses just like you. They include loss of a child, loss of parents, loss of friends, devastating illness, birth of a special needs child, loss of relationships, divorces, loss of dreams, loss of identity, living losses, loss of jobs. 

We struggled even after the first year. We felt like we were in a holding pattern, waiting for life to get better. That the place we resided after our losses. 

We didn’t just wave a magic wand and life became better. We took action. We took intentional steps to heal and move forward. With a lot of dedication and support from others, we stepped into our new and different lives with empowerment. We redefined, redesigned and recreated ourselves and our lives after loss and forever changes. We figured out how to flourish.

We created Afterwards and The Afterwards Program because we saw our clients, and people in the community struggling just like we did many years ago. We saw a critical gap in support and programs after the first year of loss or life transition. We have a heart for those who are struggling to move forward after loss. And we have a passion to provide resources to the community to ensure there is truly joy, peace and life – after loss.

Afterwards is the critical bridge from being supported through support groups and therapy to actually gaining the ability to flourish.

“I am forever grateful for the wisdom you both have shared with me. I have already referred to the binder when I get stuck with an emotion that I need to work through. I am a much stronger person who looks forward to embracing my values and strengths
throughout my life journey.” RK


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The Afterwards Program

The Afterwards Program is educational, experiential and transformational. It combines the healing power of therapy, with empowerment of coaching, all supported by scientific research. The program helps people move purposefully out of their holding pattern towards a new and different life, while honoring the losses they have endured. 
Afterwards is the next step and is the critical link from being supported through therapy and support groups to actually gaining the ability to flourish.

“I’ve searched for years for answers. Thanks to attending Afterwards, I finally found them. A massive weight is off my shoulders and my life makes complete and absolute sense. I am better prepared to be aware and make changes as things come up going forward.” KS