Redefine Redesign Recreate

Ready or not, it’s time for the next chapter of your life.

      “Everything has changed. Now what?”

  You’re not sure where you’re going or how to get there.
             It’s time to create your next chapter.

        No one really “gets” the impact of your loss.
             It’s time to find clarity and the support that nurtures you.

        You’re stuck. You want to heal and blend your past with your future, but how?
             It’s time to see the possibilities and take steps to get there.

AFTERWARDS is a unique, transformative program that combines the healing methods of therapy with the self-empowerment of life coaching. It is designed to help anyone who has experienced a forever change", including the loss of a loved one, divorce, serious illness, job loss, retirement, or a significant change of any kind. 

After the first year, the common denominator of participants in the Afterwards Program is not the loss itself, but the emotional transition toward a new and different life. The Afterwards Program is the critical link from being supported through therapy and support groups to actually gaining the ability to flourish.

If you are 1 to 5 years past a “forever change” and feel stuck or uncertain about your life and your future, AFTERWARDS is for you.

Here's what Afterwards graduates are saying about the program . . .

"This experience, participating in the group, changed my life for the better. I am so glad I found the Afterwards Program. It was exactly what I needed for my unique case of 'stuck-in-it-ness'!" SS

"I feel like I am the benefactor of a wonderful gift. I was plagued with gremlins that I figured I would have to live with. Now that I have learned how to deal with them, I can get on with other areas of  who I want to be. I can glean new meaning from my experience in acceptance and compassion of all people! I can LIVE it instead of saying it. I am better able to breathe in life, savor and enjoy experiences. I cannot express my thanks enough. You two have created a wonderful program." RB

Developed by two experts in the field of loss and life transitions, AFTERWARDS is designed to motivate you, to give you the tools you need to re-engage in life, and to help you re-create yourself now, instead of someday. 

Complimentary presentations are available to organizations as well as opportunities for partnerships. Call 856-270-2308 or 856-905-9343.

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